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30 PUSH UP VARIATIONS (BEGINNER TO ADVANCED) von Simeon Panda   8 months ago


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Full list of Push Ups separated by difficulty:

1 Regular Push Ups
2 Wide Push Ups
3 Diamond Push Ups
4 Pike Push Ups
5 Scapula Push Ups
6 Elevated Pike Push Ups
7 Knee Plank Push Ups
8 Wall Plank Press Ups
9 Single Leg Press Ups
10 Reverse Wrist Ups
11 Shoulder Tap Push Ups
12 Finger Press Ups
13 One Arm Press Upss
14 Type Writer Push Ups
15 Hindu Push Ups
16 Inch Worm Push Ups
Advanced (Plyo)
17 Explosive Press Ups
18 Lateral Explosive Press Ups
19 Clap Push Ups
20 Diamond to Normal
21 Rocking Horse Push Ups
22 Tuck Push Ups
23 Mountain climber Push Ups
24 Spiderman Push Ups
Easier Alternatives
25 Regular Push Ups - On Knees
26 Diamond Push Ups On Knee
27 Pike Push Ups - On Knees
28 Clap Push Ups - On knees
29 Explosive Press Up - On Knees
30 Shoulder Tap Push Up - On Knees

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