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How to Build A Stronger You - Charles Poliquin von Joe Polish's Genius Network® and Piranha Marketing, Inc.   2 years ago


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How to Build A Stronger You - Charles Poliquin. To learn more about Genius Network® click here:

In this Episode, you’ll discover how to create your future, how to transform your health, and how to build a stronger YOU, with the world’s most successful strength coach Charles Poliquin.

Charles Poliquin is the founder of and is regarded as the world's best strength coach. He has trained more than 800 Olympians and is the expert on muscle, strength, and sports performance, and can help you make sense of health, fitness, and nutrition.


4:10 What is required mentally and physically to perform at a stronger level?
6:42 Fundamentals for getting in great shape
10:06 What should we be eating?
11:19 Nutrition while traveling
13:21 What is your fitness routine, how do you exercise when at home and on the road?
17:30 The myth of discipline
19:38 How to get unstuck and commit to a fitness routine/diet
22:03 Sleep routine and strategies
24:49 The side effects of soda
29:47 Managing brain nutrition
31:26 You need to deserve your carbohydrates
32:15 Difference between isolated workouts vs. compound workouts
34:09 Intermittent fasting
35:54 What foods are recommended for breakfast
38:05 Juicing vs. blending
41:05 What you should know about omega 3


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