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"You said you'd grow old with me...

This is my entry to the 2nd round of the FAContest. We were supposed to make a crossover and if you know me, I AM TERRIBLE at crossovers...and moreover I choose two shows that I thought would go great together (which they do) but they are both totally differently colored and that made my life hell...but anyways, I tried my best...please, be nice when your judge...

STORYLINE: Lagertha is one of Lexa's closest warriors and they are in love. But Lexa, as the commander, is challenged to a combat and she accepts. Lagertha doesn't want her to go thought with it and asks her to stay with her. Lexa says she has to fight and that she's made this decision with her head, not her heart. Lexa is killed and Lagertha lives on with only the memory of her beloved, hoping to be reunited with her after death.

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