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Mexico von Hoosier Tim's Travel Videos   3 years ago


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My Mexican video begins in the Sea of Cortez on board the Island Princess as we sail into Cabo San Lucas. In Cabo my walk around the harbor is followed by a coastal cruise around Lands End and El Arco.

After docking in Acapulco I enjoy a scenic coastal cruise which featured the La Quebrada Cliff Divers. After the cruise I take a walk around Acapulco's zocalo, the San Diego Fort and along the beach of Acapulco Bay.

My last Mexican port is Cozumel. Here I take a ferry to Playa del Carmen on the Mainland. On the mainland I visit Coba and the Nohoch Mul Pyramid.

0:00:41 Sail into Cabo San Lucas on the Island Princess
0:05:04 Tender to shore
0:06:53 Walk around Cabo's harbor
0:13:24 Coastal cruise
0:17:57 Land's End, Lover's Beach and El Arco
0:39:20 Tender back to Island Princess
0:42:41 Sunset sail away
0:46:46 Cruise into Acapulco Bay
0:50:36 Acapulco coastal cruise
0:59:26 La Quebrada Cliff Divers
1:08:07 Acapulco Old Town (Zocalo & Cathedral)
1:17:38 Fort San Diego
1:20:39 Walk along the beach
1:30:28 Acapulco sail away
1:34:34 The Rubby Princess in Cozumel
1:35:41 Ferry to Playa del Carmen
1:37:59 Drive to Coba
1:41:17 Nohoch Mul Pyramid at Coba
1:44:27 The beach at Playa del Carmen
1:49:31 Sunset sail away from Cozumel