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WHITESMITH AGI CRIT MVP MiniBoss ET HUNTING Build Guide Ragnarok Mobile von slashGG   8 months ago


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Hey everyone this is Drahc again and im back with another Build Guide and this time im going to share with you guys my WHITESMITH AGI CRIT MVP MiniBoss ET HUNTING Build that will make you rich. I call it the ZoomZoom CRIT Build.

This is the build that I use whenever I hunt MVP and MiniBoss because you can outrun every single class in the game because you can max your movement speed for up to 185 mspd without any penalty on your damage.

This is a follow up or lets say alternative build guide from my last post WHITESMITH 1 MILLION PLUS Damage MVP AND ET SOLO Build Guide. Link below.


If you are interested on some other build guide click the link below.

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Thank you for watching guys. See you again next time on the next Build Guide.

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Music used: Dark Blade by Makai Symphony

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