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This video contains unedited police interactions that is shown for documentary purposes of a newsworthy event. It is left unedited so that people may understand what actually happened in this event. It may contain graphic video and/or audio. Viewer discretion is advised.

A police-involved shooting that left a man wounded in the neck on the South Side Wednesday night is under investigation. Police said the shooting happened during an altercation and the man shot by police is hospitalized in serious condition. Police chased him into an apartment building in the East Chatham neighborhood. At ground 7 p.m. Wednesday, police said they saw an armed man in a crowd of people near 79th Street and Drexel Avenue, so police chased after him when he ran away. A group of about three officers followed the man into the third floor of an apartment building nearby, where they struggled according to authorities. One officer fired one shot. The man did not return fire. The events unfolded as children went door-to-door trick-or-treating with their parents. "He ran into the building to third floor where he pushed his way in," said Chicago Police Patrol Chief Fred Waller.

"Officers followed behind him. A struggle, a brief struggle, ensued there. He continued to run out of that building and that's when he was shot." Waller said the man was shot inside the building and outside the apartment. "Children have been walking down this street all day and all evening trick-or-treating," said Tou're Simpson, who lives nearby. "It's just too bad. It's a shame. Really it is." Officers recovered a 9 millimeter weapon with an extended clip, releasing a picture of it. Family members that the man who was shot is 23 years old and is the father of two young children, a baby and a 2-year-old. They are questioning if the use of force was justified. Meanwhile, the officer has been put on administrative duty for 30 days, pending the outcome of an independent investigation.

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