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10 Water Toys You Must Try at This Summer. von MAD LAB   2 years ago


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It’s the landscape, the native bush and the great New Zealand outdoors that keeps tourists coming back to the country. Sure, there’s plenty to look at, but what’s the point of a visit without getting amongst it and enjoying it?!. Jet boating – means, Sit back, buckle yourself in and feel the acceleration.

The hand held fin that lets you swim like a dolphin while being dragged behind a SPEEDBOAT

HYDROFOILS: THE MOPEDS OF SURFINNG. foilboard is a simple surfboard with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water. This surf also can be equipped with an electric motor.

The Jet Surf. This surfboard can move without the waves, Нep You no longer need waves to surf.

SS18 yacht. With a cockpit hovering high above two massive water skis, the SS18 from London's Glider Yachts looks more like an amphibious UFO than any yacht or boat

Flying Kite Tube. Although taken off the market due to people dying and getting severely injured, I’m sure that won’t stop you as there are similar tubes still for sale

Modular Inflatable Water Park. If by some chance you find yourself being a billionaire and owning a lake, you might want to consider purchasing this giant modular inflatable water park.

The Sibricher is a two-seater boat, and at the same time - a submarine, which accelerates up to 43,4 miles per hour. But the distinguishing feature of this thing is that it knows how to dive like a dolphin out of the water, swing from side to side, ride on the tail and side, and wag the fins.

It might not look like much more than a typical outdoor water slide at first glance, but the Royal Flush is what warm summer daydreams are made of.

And the Last Absolutely free entertainment - the Illegal water slides, one of these slides situated in Australia. The dam built in the wilderness is not so easy to find. But it's worth it! Why do we need water parks if there are dams? Warning signs "do not jump", "do not swim", like a barbed wire fence, do not frighten daredevils. The speed of slipping is stunning, as well as emotions from the water slide.