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4 KICKS to WIN Every STREET FIGHT! von Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace   11 months ago


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4 KICKS To WIN EVERY STREET FIGHT! https://youtu.be/1_PKcuBzJ8k - #selfdefense #martialarts #kicking - Kicking is such a powerful part of Self Defense and the Martial Arts. Remember there are 4 main power kicks you must master: Roundhouse Kick, Side Thrust Kick, Front Kick, and Hook Kick. I went out and spent $15 on three straw bales and am using them as a training tool to improve my strength, power, and fighting contact. If you want to know how to fight and successfully defend yourself then you have to become a Kung Fu and Martial Arts Master of these 4 kicks. Kick to the air, do straight kicks, kick in sparring, and practice kicking to a heavy bag or straw bales!

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