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Laser Tag Warfare - Bullies VS Underdogs! von devinsupertramp   2 years ago


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Directed by Devin Graham
Produced by Carter Hogan
Director of Photography Tyson Henderson
Shot on the RED Weapon in 6K and Phantom Flex 4K for slow motion!
Edit by Kaitlin Snow Seamons on Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Color correction by Tyson Henderson

Christian Busath
Weixin Le
Fatima Reedy
Lee Liston
Brodie Smith
Devin Graham
Angeline Madriaga

Stunt Crew:
Ben Alexander
Braxton McAllister
Corbett McAllister
Michaela McAllister
Robert Bennet
Devan Davenport
Todd Robins

Special Effects were done by Roundy Special Effects… They are THE BEST in the business!

Thanks to Stephen Anderson for composing the music for this video!

Sound Design by Dan Pugsley

Costumes created by Allison Dredge.
Check out her work here:

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