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2018 Hairstyles for Men Tutorial von MC Barber   2 years ago


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In this video, MC Barber will be demonstrating how to create a professional undercut.

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-2:08 After parting the top of the hairstyle, MC starts with a 1 1/2 metal guard on Oster clippers to remove bulk and create a foundation.
-4:04 MC switches to Wahl clippers. He uses a closed guard to begin his taper, adjusting the lever when necessary.
-4:19 To continue tapering the haircut, he uses a 1 plastic guard on Wahl clippers.
-4:40 MC switches to a 1/2 plastic guard on Wahl clippers.
-4:52 Moving to the top, MC uses scissors over knuckles to remove bulk before blending it.
-5:57 MC uses scissors over comb.
-6:48 To further blend the sides and back, MC uses a hair cutting razor.
-7:18 He uses Andis trimmers to create a shape up.
-8:10 Moving to the top of the head, MC uses a hair cutting razor to remove length and bulk while creating texture.
-11:07 MC uses a straight razor to sharpen the shape up.