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From angry mammals and reptiles, to crazy wild boars and killer bees Here are 16 of the most aggressive animals on Earth!

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Bull Shark
Opportunistic hunters, bull sharks are known to attack turtles, crustaceans, marine mammals and even other bull sharks … in fact, researcher often call them the world’s most vicious fish! Of all known cartilaginous fish, these critters have the most powerful bite force, measured at up to 1300 pounds. Even though the Great White tends to be better known, the Bull Shark is thought to display the greatest adaptation and hunting ability of all sharks. And they will go after humans. Measuring up to 11 feet, these apex predators can thrive in both freshwater and saltwater environments.

They’re about the size of a medium dog, and have a bear-like appearance … but they’re actually the largest member of the weasel family. The powerful predators can take down prey many times bigger than itself, such as deer. Thanks to a thick hide, powerful jaws and sharp claws, they can be bold enough to challenge black bears for their kill. Experts think that much of their aggressive nature is due to their diminutive size. They’re often hunted as prey by wolves and black bears … so their fearsome behavior can sometimes be a bluff to scare off a potential threat.

Killer Bees (Africanized Bees)
These little monsters were the result of an effort to crossbreed the European Honeybee with the African Honeybee. They hybrids are commonly called Africanized Honeybees and were introduced to Brazil in the 1950s -- the purpose was to boost the production of honey. But more than 2 dozen swarms escaped from quarantine in 1957, and never looked back. Now the insects have spread from South America to North America, and are well known for their aggressive nature. That aggression is a major reason why they’re called Killer Bees. They’ve chased down people for over 400 yards when they’ve ventured too close to the hive. Able to deliver 10 times more stings than their European counterparts, Africanized Bees are said to have killed at least 1,000 people … in addition to larger animals like horses. In some documented cases, massive swarms of the insects have numbered some 800,000 individuals!

Honorable Mention
Before getting to our number one aggressive animal, here’s an honorable mention. You might be familiar with this critter, but it’s just too well known to keep off the list …

Honey Badger
This critter has practically become the symbol for animal aggression, That ferocious disposition even earned it the title of “world’s most fearless animal” by Guinness. Like the wolverine, it has a bear-like appearance and is also a member of the weasel family. They’re considered temperamental overall … but when threatened, they really cut loose. Honey badgers will throw caution to the wind and savagely attack creatures as large as antelopes and horses. They’ve even taken on lions that have violated their territory. That ferocious nature has earned the animal a lot of recognition through countless Internet memes … most of which cannot be repeated here.

While several species of crocodile are known to be aggressive, the Saltwater Crocodile can express their anger with their sheer, massive size. They are the world’s largest living reptiles, measuring more than 20 feet long and weighing over a ton. But just as deadly is the Nile Crocodile, often considered the second largest extant reptile. It’s found throughout sub-Saharan Africa and is infamous for its aggression. The savage apex predators will take down nearly any animal within its range. Hundreds of humans deaths are attributed to this beast each year. Specimens weighing around 2,400 pounds and measuring some 20 feet long have been documented.