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Freeletics Bodyweight and Running: 14 Weeks Transformation von Freeletics   2 years ago


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With this video, Ellie shows us that it is always possible to reach your goals, no matter how unlikely they seem. Read Ellie’s story below.

“After a setback, I decided to start over and work on myself and my goals again. I was uncomfortable, unhappy and not my old, confident self anymore – this wasn't the person I wanted to be. It took less than 3 months of dedication for me to get into the shape of my life. I ate clean using Freeletics Nutrition, all day, every day, and I trained four times a week with Freeletics Bodyweight and Freeletics Running. I went from being lazy, unmotivated and full of excuses with bad eating habits to being focused, motivated and committed to myself. I felt fitter and more confident than I ever had in my life. Starting this journey was the best decision I could have made. I hated running when I started, and after only a few weeks, I was loving it. I went from being an extremely lazy and bad eater to cooking every meal and eating only clean foods. And it wasn't even a chore for me.

It doesn't take being special. It just takes action. Don't waste your life wishing it would be different. Don't spend months looking in the mirror and feeling bad about yourself, letting it affect everything else in your life like I did. The thing about change is that it won't just happen, you have to get up and make it happen. I never regretted working towards my goals, because it made me become the best version of myself. And if I can do it, so can you. You just have to make the decision to start. Today. “

Want to see more of Ellie’s journey and get motivated? Follow her in the Freeletics Bodyweight app (Ellie Hues) or on Instagram (@thisiselllie).

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