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Longplay of game James Bond JR, from SNES. James Bond Jr. is a fictional character described as a nephew of James Bond, a Ian Fleming character. the idea was used in James Bond Jr, a American cartoon from 1991. The character work in Warfield Academy with friends. The game is simple and too short and the ending is ridiculous, simply is only one screen. The cartoon that kid is cool, but not enough to toe the real James Bond, who is one sophisticated spy created by Ian Fleming and that was interpreted by many good actors, among which were the best are Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan!

Stage 1: Central America (02:10) Vehicle - Helicopter (02:29)
Stage 2: Central America Temple (08:00) - Boss: Dr. Derange (18:16)
Stage 3: Venice in speedboat (20:43)
Stage 4: Venice sewers (23:22) - Boss: Maximilion Cortex (28:16)
Stage 5: Way to Antartica in Minijet (30:42)
Final Stage: Antartica (34:40) - Boss: Scum Lord and your machine (43:07)