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10 Minutes At Home Ab Workout - 6-Pack Training von BPI Sports   4 years ago


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Are you looking for a fast and effective ab workout routine to lose belly fat and get lean 6-pack abs?

Now despite all the myths you may have heard you don’t have to do 1,000’s of reps to get great abs – in fact all 3 of the exercises we’re going to do today require only 15 repetitions per set and the whole workout will only take about 10 minutes to finish. You only need to do this routine twice a week to get the maximum benefits.

To do this exercise correctly, we’re going to eliminate the first part of that motion where it was all hip flexors – so starting with the thighs perpendicular to the floor and a 90 degree bend in the legs. To maximize the contraction we are going to bring our head up off the floor – make sure not to pull on the back of your head or neck. From here we are going to slowly and in a controlled movement lift our pelvis off the floor in a reverse crunch motion. Focus on bringing your knees closer to your head versus up toward the ceiling. Slowly lower back to the starting position and repeat for 15 reps, and 3 sets of this, but not back to back.

First, I take a small towel and put it down on a smooth floor. I put my feet on the towel in a push-up position. Starting with my back straight and my abs tight I tuck my pelvis and pull my feet up by contracting my abs. Squeeze your abs at this point and then slide your feet back out to starting position before repeating. As you can see we get a nice curvature of the low spine, bringing the lower part of our ribs closer to our pelvis – the two insertion points of our rectus abdominis. This means we’re getting a nice full contraction. We’re going to do this for 15 reps. We’ll do this for 3 total sets but not back to back. From here we’re going to jump into our next exercise.

To correctly perform a simple crunch, we need a fuller range of motion by bringing our head toward our knees, not the ceiling. When we do this you can see we get that curvature we’re looking for. Make sure to start the move slowly, not using momentum and not pulling on your neck or head - squeeze it at the top before slowly lowering back down. Make sure to go as high as you can – just before your low back comes off the ground – if it comes off the ground then you’re doing an old fashioned sit-up – which is an effective exercise if it weren’t for the stress on the low back. We’re going to do this exercise for 15 reps.

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