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Cartoon for kids. Escape Razer and Rocko - adventure in the city | Children Cartoons von Little Smart Kids   1 year ago


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Cartoon for kids. Escape Razer and Rocko - adventure in the city | Children Cartoons -
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Rocko (quiet, insinuatingly): Today? Are you sure?
Razer (quiet, nervous): Stop asking me, Rocko! We had an order from Boss – To wait! So, we are waiting!
The outside prison. There are some police cars there. To show the entrance gates of the prison. They are opening and the truck is coming inside. Stopped. Checkpoint. Barrier is down. Police officer is standing there. To show the cabin of the truck from driver’s side. Boss is inside. We see only his head. He is wearing a cap down to his eyes.
Boss (courteously): Good day! Food delivery!
Police officer on a checkpoint (suspiciously): What happened to Tom? He always delivers the food on the truck!
Boss (a bit perplexedly): Ааааа....(concentrated then) Tom caught a cold! I’m substituting him!
To show a checkpoint from a distance. Police officer is standing. The barrier is going up after his signal “Drive in”. The truck gets inside the territory.
Police officer (loud): «You can drive in!»
The prison inside. To show the wall with a fire evacuation plan on it. The alarm button, which you have to press in case of fire. The man is coming secretly – to show his feet or a shadow on the wall that is moving.
Boss’ angry laugh behind the frame: «Ha-ha-ha!».
He presses the button (or pulls the lever), the alarm is on.
Boss says loud: «Surprise!!!» смеется he is laughing again.
There is a cell with Razer and Rocko in it in the frame. The fire alarm is on. Rocko jumps up.
Rocko (nervous, screams): «what’s that? Fire?!!! Razer! What are we going to do???!!»
Behind the frame police officer’s voice on a speaker: «Attention! Complete evacuation! The fire alarm went off in the building! Everyone should goes out! Repeat – everyone goes out!»
We can hear steps beside the cell of Razer and Rocko. To show them in the cell – Boss’ shadow is above them.
Rocko (very surprised): «Boss??!!!»
Razer: «Cool plan, Boss!»
Boss: «You weren’t sure??» He passes the key to the cell. «Fast! While they didn’t realized the lie! Keep moving!»
The sound of run, steps are getting further, laugh of bandits, the empty cell is in the frame.
There is a prison from outside in the frame. The truck is going very fast, hits the gates, drives to the city streets. The sound effect

Police officer: surprised screams, when saw the empty cell.
The other police officer on a speaker: «False alarm! They tricked us! There is no fire! Razer and Rocko escaped!».
Two police cars are driving away from the territory of the prison. Their sirens are on.
Police officer on the radio: «We are chasing the truck! There are Razer and Rocko there. We are thinking that their Boss is driving it. Everyone be careful! These bandits are very dangerous!»
The other officer, replies on the radio: «Got your message! We are chasing the truck!»
Handy-Andy is driving pass the prison accidently. He sees the action, sees the truck that hits the gates. He heard the police officer’s announcement on the radio
Handy-Andy (surprised): «Razer and Rocko escaped!! It’s going to be a real race now!! We need to catch them for sure!»
Camera shows his car from the distance. The line of police cars are going in front of him. Handy-Andy is following them.
During the chase officers, Rocko and Razer comment the race.
Officer (on a radio): «They are going very fast! Look what are they doing!!!»
Other officer (on a radio): « They realize that it’s their last chance to escape! That’s why they are going like crazy!»
Officer (on a radio): «Attention to all cars! We need more cars to stop the bandits!»
Handy-Andy (on a radio): This is Handy-Andy, over! I’m coming to help you! Going to join you soon! Out.»
Officer (on a radio): «It’s grate, Handy-Andy! We need help! (pause) There is a tunnel coming. We need to block it!»
Handy-Andy (on a radio): I’m almost near the entrance from the tunnel. I see the police car.
To show the tunnel from the other side. Two more police cars are coming there.
Third officer (on a radio): «We are here! Waiting for a truck! We are ready to block it!»