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एक रात में लुटा दिए 52 करोड़, ये है सऊदी अरब का नया क्राउन प्रिंस von inTOP news   2 years ago


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King Salman of Saudi Arabia removed the current Cross Prince and his nephew Mohammad bin Nayf (57) from his post. King replaced his 31 year old son Muhammad bin Salman as the new Crown Prince of the country. Crown Prince Salman has also been made the Prime Minister of the country along with this. Earlier, he is holding the post of deputy prime minister and defense minister. According to the media report, Crown Prince Salman did not know anything 2 years ago. However, after the father became the king, he has strengthened his hold on the power of the country with rapid growth. Crown Prince Salman is very fond of the luxury life style like his other family members. He recently bought a yahoo, after which he came to the media headlines. He has spent millions of rupees for a special night party.
$ 3 billion worth of wealth - Crown Prince Salman is also among Saudi-Royal Families Top-10 Emiris. According to the website, The Top Riches, their total wealth is around $ 3 billion. Salman is also the head of the Economic Council and Development of Saudi Arabia. Salman has been organizing his birthday party in the Maldives a few years ago, according to the media report, Salman (8 lakhs) for a night party, he has played a significant role in calling the US President Donald Trump his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia. $ 52 million) Prince Salman had offered a cash prize of 65 crore rupees to spend a night. This statement came after the tweet related to the money laundering on behalf of the kidnappers' husband. Salman recently bought a super luxury yacht too. At the cost of Rs 360 crore, this yacht was bought from a businessman in Russia.