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10 Tips That May Save Your Life One Day von TheRichest   2 years ago


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top 10 life saving tips and tricks that could help you
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We’re back with part 2 of our survival tips series. In part one we taught you how to try and survive stuff like bear attacks, tornados and riptides. This time around we’re going to turn things up a notch. The survival tips ahead aren’t guaranteed to save your life but they could just be the difference maker. From animal bites to Armageddon, TheRichest has got you covered.
Starting things off really small, we’ll give you advice on how to handle a potentially venomous spider bite. No, it doesn’t involve waiting around until you develop super powers. Then we’ll move on to one of the biggest threats facing all of us on a daily basis – the car crash. There are ways to be prepared and ways to improve your chances of survival. Statistically speaking, you probably won’t ever fall from a plane at high altitude without a parachute. However, for that one time you do, there are some things you can do to slightly improve your odds. Ever feared being trapped in a falling elevator? It’s likely never to happen but there are some handy tips for you to keep in mind should this scenario ever pop up – or down. Fire safety is no laughing matter. We all learn about this in school and TheRichest will give you a bit of a refresher course when it comes to surviving a fire. Dogs may be man’s best friend but dog attacks are all too common. We’ve got some useful pointers for when that German Pointer decides he doesn’t like you. The Cold War may be over but there’s always the threat of a nuclear explosion going off somewhere. While your odds may not be the best, we’ve got some directions for you which can improve your chances of surviving a blast. Washed up on a desert island?
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