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Here's a list of 10 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed. Most kitchen gadgets aren't useful, but these are 10 Best Kitchen Gadgets that are actually useful!
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Want to up your game in the kitchen? If the answer to this question is, "Yes!", you may want to invest in some of these innovative kitchen tools and start using these kitchen hacks. When you boost efficiency and ease with these kitchen implements, you'll feel totally in control, like a celebrity chef. While you may not want to fork over hard-earned cash for every kitchen tool on the list, you may find at least a few of them awesome, inventive and oddly appealing. It’s now time to discover ten kitchen gadgets that you never knew you needed. 

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0:33 Try Out A Fork And Pizza Cutter
1:53 Treat Yourself To An Adjustable Rolling Pin
3:12 Buy A Butter Knife With A Built-in Grater
4:22 Order A Collapsible Whisk Online
5:36 Splurge On A Chopstick-and-Fork In One
6:47 Prep for Avocado Toast With An Avocado Slicer
8:27 Make Life Easier With An Herb Stripper
9:36 Enjoy Berries Faster With A Strawberry Huller
10:41 Enjoy Major Convenience With A Hands-Free Baggy Holder
11:35 Indulge With Your Own Dunking Tool

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Fork Pizza Cutter:

Adjustable Rolling Pin:

Butter Knife Grater:

Collapsible Whisk:


Avocado Slicer:

Herb Stripper:

Strawberry Huller:

Hands-Free Baggy Holder:

Cookie Dunking Tool:

- Want to shove pizza into your mouth as soon as you're done slicing it? Sure you do! When you purchase a pizza cutter with a built-in fork, you can slice a pie and then eat a piece, without missing a beat.
- If you want to ensure that your dough is rolled out to the ideal thickness, you may want to treat yourself to an adjustable rolling pin. It'll allow you to get precise results that make it easier to create perfect baked goods.
- If you love real butter, rather than soft margarine, but find it hard to spread butter evenly, you may want to invest in a butter knife with a built-in grater.
- If you love using a whisk to make sauces, salad dressings or other recipes, but want a whisk that's easier to store, be sure to consider purchasing a collapsible whisk. When you do, you'll be able to make it smaller for storage in an instant.
- Some of us aren't exactly pros with chopsticks, but we like to try and use them anyway. Occasionally, we may have trouble getting food, such as noodles or sushi, up to our mouths. When this happens, we may want a fork instead, if only for a little while.
- Millennials are crazy for avocado toast. A survey showed that Millennials spend quite a bit of time worrying about whether avocados are ripe or not. This is probably because they want to make avocado toast out of them as soon as they possibly can.
- Fresh herbs tend to taste much better than dried herbs. They add so much flavor to recipes. They also look amazing in recipes. If you're a fresh herb lover, with a taste for thyme and other popular herbs, we highly recommend investing in an herb stripper.
- Add some summery taste to your daily diet by choosing ripe, fresh strawberries from the grocery store, or growing your own. When they're ready to eat, use a handy strawberry huller to take out the hulls.
- If you're one of those organized people who has plastic baggies full of ingredients ready for meal prep at all times, why not take organization one step further by investing in a baggie holder that offers hands-free performance?
- The last food gadget on our list is a handy dunker for cookies, such as a certain classic black-and-white cookie...the OREO. If you love the taste sensation that dunking OREOs or other cookies in milk provides, but want to make the dunking process cleaner and easier, buy your own DIPR tool, or another gadget that serves the same purpose.

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