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I QUIT AMERICA | Where I Live Now Will Surprise You | Portugal, part 2 von Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center w/ Jake Mace   1 year ago


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I QUIT AMERICA | Where I Live Now Will Surprise You | Portugal, part 2

This is Jake Mace. I recently #SoldEverything I own and moved out of the USA forever. This is PART 2 of my experience #traveling the world for a year and living in as many countries as I can trying to gain new experiences and learn how the rest of the world lives. I plan on living in Portugal, Spain, France, England, Canary Islands, India, Thailand, Hawaii, and Canada. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO WATCH MY #TRAVEL ADVENTURES THEN PLEASE SKIP THIS VIDEO AND COME BACK TOMORROW FOR MORE KUNG FU, TAI CHI, AND QIGONG LESSONS/VIDEOS. I hope ALL my martial arts brothers and sisters out there travel the world, learn new customs, learn new languages, and gain skills/experience! Become a true MASTER of LIFE!
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