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What are some animals with some surprises for us? Would it be the souther cassowary, with its crazy dinosaur like claws?! Or would it be a hooded seal, and its “balloon”? Find out all the craziest tricks animals have up their sleeves in this video!

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Here are animals with some interesting surprises!

9 - H2Nah
If global warming has taught us anything, it's gotta be how unpredictable weather has become. Long, dry summers, or weirdly timed winters are becoming a common occurrence. Animals certainly have learned to adapt to this changing climate. One of them, which stand outs not only for its peculiar name but for its particular ability, is the kangaroo rat. A common rodent of the western part of North America, this furry little guy is able to do something that’s quite amazing. It can literally live without water! Of course, this doesn't mean it doesn’t or won’t drink water at all, but let's just say dehydration isn’t a thing to worry about for them. The kangaroo rat can survive their entire lifetime without actually drinking water! These amazing little rodents know exactly how to survive their naturally dry habitats. The areas they inhabit may not see a single drop of rain for months. This is exactly why they’ve developed a functional system to live how they live. During harvest season, when plants are reproducing themselves, they decide to gather all the seeds that they can, so they can live off of them for an entire year! And this is their secret. It’s because of the seeds that they can survive. They eat the seeds, and through metabolic oxidation, the seeds provide the water kangaroo rats needs. They spend the rest of the time secluded in their comfortable holes conserving energy and eating seeds!

8 - A new Scent
Squirrels look adorable. So adorable, in fact, we may think that they’re weak, when well, they’re really not. Evolution has made them extremely resilient, with them developing techniques that have prevented them from being eaten by one of its main predators: rattlesnakes. Not only are they brave enough to actively go after rattlesnakes, but they’ve actually also adapted to using a rattlesnake! Squirrels will use a rattlesnake's skin as protection! Using your enemy’s scent to mask yours is definitely a next level skillset! Some squirrels go after their rattlesnakes just so they they can avoid other rattlesnakes. This is because once they defeat one rattlesnake, they make sure other rattlesnakes don’t go after them. How does that work? Well, squirrels chew on the snake's skin and then lick their own fur intensely to make sure they get the rattlesnake scent. Scientists have confirmed that this makes them less attractive to other snakes and thus helps them carry on with their adorable lives. What makes it so special is that it is the first recorded instance in which a prey has been using its predator's scent as a method of survival! Who knew squirrels are actually this smart?!

7 - Shape-shifters
Adaptability is key when it comes to survival out in the wild among other animals. And some species know this much better than others! Frogs are known for their capacity to send powerful messages with how their bodies look. In some cases, it's about how venomous they are but this one frog in particular has taken it to another level. This species of frog is spread out from Central America all the way to northern Argentina. It not only has the ability to camouflage itself with its surroundings but it can also change its SHAPE to confuse its predators or anything that feels like a menace! Researchers who found the species in a jungle in Ecuador nicknamed it “the punk rock” frog because of its thorns. They took one of the frogs to study and put it in a cup with a lid. The next day, after they opened the lid they discovered something amazing. They realized that the frog had become completely different. The frog didn’t have any more thorns, but instead had smooth skin, something they were sure they hadn't seen on the frog before! This is when they realized they had encountered a rare species. After much study, they noted that the frog can change its entire appearance in a matter of 3 minutes! Maybe a lot of predators just don’t like eating thorny animals?