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LAST TO LEAVE WATERSLIDE WINS $1 MILLION UNBREAKABLE BOX!! (Pond Monster Spotted Hiding) von Stephen Sharer   7 months ago


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Last to leave inflatable water slide wins $1 Million Cash Money Prize Challenge but watch out for Pond Monster Hiding in pond!!


Last vlog Stephen Sharer posted GIANT MONEY TRUCK DELIVERS 1 MILLION DOLLARS to SHARER FAM HOUSE!!(UNBREAKABLE BOX CHALLENGE REVEAL) and today Stephen, Grace and their best friend Chase is going to compete for a chance to win the cash money $1 Million prize by being the last person to leave the giant inflatable water slide. If you can last 24 hours on the backyard water slide you could win! So Stephen, Grace Sharer, and Chase ran into the Sharer Fam house and grabbed as many supplies as they could to last the longest on the overnight 24hour challenge last to leave. Stephen grabbed some snacks, grace grabbed some fan mail and chase grabbed some Nerf blasters and Nerf Darts just in case the pond monster is spotted. Heading out to the waterslide Stephen saw a huge splash in the pond and thought it could be the mystery monster that animal control officer tried to catch but then still continued the challenge. Hoping onto the water slide, Steven challenge grace to a mini $100 challenge and Chase to a $200 money one. Then they spotted the pond monster when Grace Sharer was climbing on the inflatable Rockwell so Chase grabbed a nerf blaster and tried to catch the pond monster but it went under water to hide and seek. While trying to search for the mystery monster Chase fell in and lost the 24 hour challenge and Stephen and Grace where left. Stephen tried to find the monsters Hide and Seek spot and fell in while doing that and also lost the challenge which meant Grace Sharer won the #24hour Last to Leave Inflatable #Waterslide and won a chance at opening the $1 Million Unbreakable Box filled with #money cash prize. What should Grace Sharer use to open the unbreakable box?

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