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Because we have only explored such a small part of our world, we can’t help but wonder what else is out there that we haven’t found? And could some of our favorite fairy tale creatures possibly be out there somewhere in one form or another? In this video, we’ll explore ten mythical creatures that might be out there just waiting to be discovered. While the giant bat known as an ahool hasn’t been confirmed, climate change may cause bats to increase in size, making the ahool a real possibility, if it hasn’t already evolved. Kappas are mischievous Japanese water imps, that may actually be disguised as giant salamanders! The chupacabra is known for harming livestock, but humans may be to blame for this creature that may ultimately be canine in nature. Before vampires got a Hollywood makeover, they were often depicted as fearsome creatures. But they may actually be blending in among us as we speak, because it turns out that there are simple medical conditions that can cause people to exhibit vampiric behavior. The oceans cover the majority of our planet, and hold mysteries we can only dream about. Creatures like the massive kraken and huge sea serpent might be lurking somewhere in the depths. Dragons have always been one of the most popular mythical creatures, and some dinosaur fossils may make you think they’ve already walked on the Earth! And they might not be magic, but animals resembling unicorns have actually been found more than once.

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