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The Best April Fools Day Pranks You Should Try von BE AMAZED   6 months ago


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You have to try these best pranks for april fools day.

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Be Amazed at these BEST April Fools Day Pranks You Should Try! Imagine your coworker’s frustration if you made a garden out of their keyboard. Find a used keyboard that looks like your victims and replace theirs with the used one. You could always double whammy your coworker on April Fools with a Ghost typing trick .

Some people like responsibility - but most hate the burden of having it. Perhaps you played the “Spider Under the Cup” trick on someone in the past. It never gets old. This joke takes serious work, but it's totally worth it if you're low on morals and have a very dark sense of humor. It's always good to set someone up to prank themselves. Play this one on your parents or the cook of the house. This one might convince someone they've gone crazy. Now back to messing up your friends time on the toilet. You can always double up on the “head” pranks. Scare them into thinking you're a secret mad serial killer.

Perhaps you want a milder, simpler prank? Just Pretend to be a mannequin in a display window for a store. When someone stops to look, wave and smile. If a display window isn't your thing, then maybe sitting in a box will be more enjoyable. Set the box on the sidewalk and as people walk by pop out. You can also prank people by just texting them . Send a friend of yours, who doesn't have your number, a text thanking them for subscribing to a bogus subscription service, like Cat Facts magazine. Let not forget mashed potato and black bean chocolate chip cookies. Fancy taking prank calls to the extreme? Host a Chewbacca Roar contest. Maybe your partner can’t roar like Chewbacca. Let’s see how well they like bugs. Just throw fake bugs in the shower or on the wall before or during their shower. This is another classic for an increasingly technologically sophisticated world. Just buy a new appliance, and on the counter put a sticker that says “voice activated”. Or you could fool your friends into thinking they have a virus on their computer.