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Clarke Griffin (The 100, played by Eliza Taylor)
Lexa (The 100, played by Alycia Debnam Carey)
Ivar (Vikings, played by Alex Høgh Andersen)
Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones, played by Emilia Clarke)
Freydis (Vikings, played by Alicia Agneson)
Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones, played by Gemma Arterton)
Hvitserk (Vikings, played by Marco Ilsø)
Bjorn Ironside (Vikings, played by Alexander Ludwig)

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Smokestacks - LAYLA


[Story Line]
All of Ragnar's sons + Clarke and Daenerys are siblings - Ivar is the King of Kattegat, Freydis is his wife, Lexa is the commander of his army, Jaime has just come back from exile after killing Ragnar and Ivar wants him dead (while Freydis becomes interested in him). Clarke, who was closest with her father, chooses to let Jaime live despite his crimes, going against her Ivar's wishes.
Ivar suspects that Clarke is protesting against his rule, recruiting Lexa (Ivar's ex-lover and closest advisor) against him as well. Daenerys holds a feast after returning from travelling, where she and Hvitserk notice the tension between the three of them.
Ivar confronts Lexa about her betrayal, where she reveals that she disagrees with his ruling methods, but it's clear the two still have feelings for one and other.
Clarke discovers that Bjorn, Hvitserk and Dany want to take over Kattegat, so she and Lexa join them to overthrow Ivar. Freydis also conspires with them to overthrow her husband by letting them into the village.
Lexa's loyalty is constantly questioned due to her past relationship with Ivar, but she eventually leads the attack on Kattegat. She finds Ivar first, where he apologises and admits his feelings, while Lexa forgives him before he kills her and manages to escape. Daenerys, now Queen of Kattegat, knows that someone must have betrayed her in order for Ivar to have escaped after killing Lexa. She and Freydis find out it was Clarke who freed Ivar, but Clarke tries convincing them to keep it a secret. Freydis secretly goes to Dany and Clarke's brothers (and Jaime too) and tells them the truth of Clarke's betrayal.

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