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Terrorist attack in London: the latest von Channel 4 News   3 years ago


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7 people killed and 48 injured, 21 of them in critical condition. A third major attack in three months - and four days before polling day - will terror change the course of politics?

Declaring 'enough is enough' - Theresa May promised a sweeping review of Britain's counter-terrorism measures - while police have tonight promised increased physical security on London's bridges to protect the public.

Police have been giving more details about their response - saying officers fired an "unprecedented" 50 rounds at the three attackers, fearing they were wearing suicide devices. One member of the public was wounded in the process. Counter terrorism chief Mark Rowley said said detectives were now trying to establish whether others were involved in planning the attack.

We've obtained this video from an eye witness who says these are the three attackers roaming through Borough Market, near London Bridge, after stabbing people in their path. Within minutes the three alleged attackers were shot dead by police.