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Boost your brain power with a set of good and fun riddles! If you solve 15 out of 15, then your IQ is above average and you have a well-trained brain! Keep solving riddles on a daily basis and you will improve your logical skills to the max! You're welcome to share your thoughts on these puzzle games and tricks in the comments below:

00:14 - Who is the killer?! Here is a blood-freezing criminal case that you have to solve as fast as possible!
01:19 - Think twice before you tell somebody 'Oh, you're such a handsome couple' because they can turn out to be...father and daughter🙈 Improve your IQ level (and EQ as well) with this cool picture puzzle! How did you guess who weren't lovers?
02:25 - Explore the deepest corners of your soul with this short personality test! You will have to choose what first came into your mind without overthinking. The best solution in usually the one we came up with first, but we're often afraid of it. So what answer did you get in each pair of questions?
04:33 - Hey, Detective, put your glasses on and rush to the crime scene, there is a tricky case for you! A crime riddle only brilliant minds can solve that's why we can't do without you. Collect all the pieces of evidence and analyze the facts to figure out who the killer is. Do you have any ideas? A crime riddle with an answer to tease your brain!
06:05 - Who is the parent? A small set of visual brain puzzles to test your logic and critical thinking.
07:17 - How does our life change when we have children? You will see now! But you will have to be incredibly attentive to notice those small signs the children have left😜 Can you find all of them? A fun picture puzzle to boost your observation skills and cheer you up!
08:56 - A magical test with answers to reveal your hidden magic talents🧙‍♂️ Be completely honest when answering these questions and don't overthink the tasks, listen to your heart! What magic power would you have?
12:03 - What you're going to see now is probably the hardest (imagined) situation ever. Your son decided to smuggle some cheap marijuana across the border (a young fool🤦‍♀️) and got caught. He faces a real risk of life imprisonment. Your wife would like to help him so much and even go into prison for him, but you have a little daughter, do you remember? What would you do? A hard riddle without an answer for the bravest people!
13:17 - Who is the real mother? Who is lying? A short visual puzzle to test your attentiveness to the details ;)

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many riddles did you solve correctly :)

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