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Missing 2 Year Old Girl Found In The Woods (Kamiyah Vicks) | Body Cam | United States | 20180627 von Ms. Panda's Den   1 year ago


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Body camera video of Police Officers finding in the woods a 2 year old girl (Kamiyah Vicks) that was reported missing.

Location: Port Wentworth, Georgia, United States.

Date: June 27, 2018.

Savannah Police Department:

"If you have not seen the video of our SPD recruits rescuing a 2-year-old who had been in the woods for more than 15 hours, then take a moment to check it up (turn the volume up to hear how they heard her yells and ran to her aid).

A little background -- the young girl was reported missing in Port Wentworth Tuesday evening. A team of rescue crews comprised of officers from multiple local jurisdictions were searching the woods Wednesday afternoon, which had a heat index rising in the 100s. We also called our recruits (who are still in SPD Patrol School and not full-time Savannah officers yet) to assist in the search. The formed a line and began making their way through the woods in hopes of finding some sign of the little girl. Then they heard her cries. She was located in some brush not too far away. Luckily, she only had a few cuts. She was pretty thirsty but in otherwise great condition.

The three recruits who found her -- Robert Parker, Luis Esquina & Ernest Mobley -- have been through a whirlwind since then. On top of the joy from finding her, they have experiencing an unending amount of interviews from local and national media outlets today. These officers are so early in their careers at SPD, and we can't wait to see what other great things they will do for the department! They will officially graduate from Patrol School and get their official SPD badges in August."