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Raw Dashcam Footage Of Dangerous High Speed Police Chase von PoliceActivity   2 years ago


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A wanted man out from Elberta led police on a 12-minute chase Friday, reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour before being caught in Foley. The suspect cut through a trailer park, a neighborhood and several business parking lots in Foley before being stopped. Authorities have released dash-cam video of the chase. It started at a home on Old Foley Highway in Elberta and ended in the McDonald’s parking lot in Foley 12 minutes later. Elberta Police were already at the home to serve an arrest warrant on 46 year-old Charles William Moore when Moore pulled in and saw an officer.

“He got into the tree line, got back out and come onto the road. David called it in and I happened to be close by and he headed towards 98 on Old Foley Road at a high rate of speed,” said Elberta Police Chief, Stan DeVane. DeVane caught up with Moore on Highway 98 near the Foley Beach Express. For the next 12 minutes, dash-cam video shows the suspect leading DeVane and another officer on a chase that took them into a trailer park, a neighborhood and busy Highway 59, including several parking lots filled with cars and people.

“The neighborhood, fortunately it was a period of time where all the children were in school. That wasn’t that big of an issue as far as having kids out playing in the yards and street,” DeVane explained. “The parking lots was an extremely dangerous situation. As you can see in the video, he never checked up when he came in the parking lots. He shot between a pickup truck and some parked cars.” When Moore entered the Win Dixie parking lot, DeVane said he started to fear for the safety of innocent motorists and shoppers. At that point, DeVane radioed officers to try and take the car out. Moore managed to get around DeVane’s Tahoe, sideswiping the front bumper along the way.

Another officer picked up the pursuit as Moore crossed back over Highway 59 and into the McDonald’s parking lot. That’s where police were finally able to end the chase by wrecking Moore’s car. Police said Moore took off on foot and ran inside the O’Reilly Auto Parts store next door. That’s where they caught up with him and arrested him without incident. He’s now in the Baldwin County Jail on no bond. Charles William Moore now faces additional charges of attempting to elude and multiple reckless endangerment and traffic citations in both Elberta and Foley. Police said no one was hurt during the chase.