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Camiguin Island CLAM SANCTUARY | Philippines Travel Vlog 2018 von Fearless & Far   1 year ago


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In this Philippines travel vlog, we visit Camiguin Island in Northern Mindanao. I've been wanting to visit ever since some filipino subscribers told me about the sunken cemetery on the island. My expat friend Kyle Jennermann (Becoming Filipino), and his buddy Kumar connected me with Aitz, a local who own a place on the island called Hayahay Cafe.

In this travel video, we visit the Kibila Giant Clams Sanctuary, and another smaller coral and clam sanctuary. One day was spent free diving, and the other SCUBA diving.

I learned a lot about giant clams that day. There are 9 species in the world, 6 of which can be found in the Philippines. The are much like coral; a symbiotic relationship between an animal and a plant, where each feeds the other. Giant clams are colourful because of the algae that live inside their mantle. This algae uses photosynthesis to create food from the sun. The clam sucks in water and filters out the plankton. Teamwork for the win.

This also means, like coral, giant clams can bleach. When the algae living inside the clams skin (or mantle) doesn't like the water conditions, it leaves. Since this algae gives coral and clams their colour, the animal turns white. This does not mean it's dead, but it does mean that it's in trouble.

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Check out Aitz's Cafe on Camiguin. It's called Hayahay Cafe!


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