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A police chase ended in a crash at Southern Parkway and I-264, the Watterson Expressway, and one man was arrested on May 18.

LMPD says the suspect was wanted in connection with prior charges for an escape warrant, receiving stolen property, fleeing and evading and wanton endangerment. Police have identified the suspect as Stuart Timmonds, 34.

The chase stayed in the area of Watterson most of the time. It did end when the truck police were pursuing crashed.

The truck hit an SUV at the intersection of Southern Parkway and I-264 east. LMPD says a second civilian vehicle was also hit. The truck stopped, the suspect got out and that is when police apprehended the driver of the truck.

The drivers of the civilian vehicles received non-life threatening injuries. An officer also received non-life threatening injuries. His vehicle was hit by Timmond’s truck during the chase.

The chase started in the 2400 block of Rowan Street, that's in the Portland area. The first report came in at 2:18 p.m. and could have started as a "trouble" run, according to MetroSafe.

Timmonds is facing charges for an escape warrant, receiving stolen property, fleeing and evading and wanton endangerment in connection with a prior vehicle pursuit that happened on Saturday, May 13.

LMPD says this is one of many run-ins with Timmonds in the past days. On Friday, police were investigating a burglary report and when police pulled into a driveway, Timmonds rammed into the police vehicle.

On Saturday, May 13, the police spotted Timmonds and tried to conduct a traffic stop but he fled. This pursuit began at 26th and Xavier Streets. Timmonds sped off in a vehicle that he ran off the roadway at Cane Run Road and Greenbelt Highway. After crashing the vehicle, Timmonds fled on foot and had eluded police until located this afternoon.

On Thursday, May 18, this is the third time police spotted Timmonds. LMPD says the truck he was driving on Thursday was stolen.

Additional charges for Thursday's pursuit are still pending at this time.