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1920s Label Paster [Restoration] von Hand Tool Rescue   5 months ago


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This restoration is on a 1920s Stikfast Label Paster made by The A.V. Ross Co. of Norwood, Ohio, USA. This tool seems to be fairly rare as there are only a few examples online and not much about the company that made it. The patent for it can be found here: https://patents.google.com/patent/US1615778A

The label paster top is copper plated for some reason, but the bottom is not. I do not know why. I really liked the look of copper, brass, and iron used in this machine. The brass components were stone-washed and lightly repaired. Some brass discs had cracks in them, but not large enough to affect the function of the tool.

I decided to get some practice on hand painting brass labels and took the time to do just that with the smallest brush I could find.

I feel like this tool would not be very practical since the glue in the bottom part would start to harden if it wasn't always being used. I also imagine that cleanup would be more time than it's worth.

It's nice to do some work on a smaller and less complicated tool after spending months on a chainsaw.

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