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22 Times Perfectly Timed Photos Became Works Of Art von Bored Badger   3 years ago


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From a shadow couple to an beautiful wave taking on a girl, here are 22 Times Perfectly Timed Photos Became Works Of Art.

#8 - The Love That Passes Us By
This perfectly timed picture is an interesting concept, to say the least. Look at the foreground of the picture and you can see two strangers about to walk right past each other. This is something that we do every day when we pick up our kids, go grocery shopping, or simply walk to check the mail. What is super interesting about this photo is the part that we the viewers see after taking a moment to look, it is the same part of the picture that the people inside the photo cannot see. It’s all about the way we perceive things. The shadow on the back wall shows those same two people that are about to walk right by each other, in what seems to be a loving embrace. The love they could have had is something they never even saw because they didn’t look at things that way.

#7 - Checkin Out the Likeness
This dragonfly was in for a shock when it landed on this lady’s leg after it saw what it thought was another member of its own species. The funny part about this situation isn’t just the fact that the dragonfly mistook a tattoo for the real thing, but that the tattoo and the dragonfly itself are the same size and have the same color pattern; what are the odds of that?

#6 - We’ll Always Be Pals
This deep sea diver lucked out when he made friends with this huge whale. You can see the two giving each other a high five in an open body of water. That has to be the biggest friend this guy’s ever had; just look at the size difference between the two.

#5 - The Everlasting Battle
This is a very rare scene captured in this photograph. The bird’s wings are perfectly outstretched so that you can observe each and every one of the vibrantly colored feathers that make up its wings. The praying mantis shows he isn’t going down without a fight and rises up to greet his foe in battle.

#4 - Bride of the Sea
If you needed unique and interesting ideas for your wedding photos, look no further. You can truly have a Disney wedding as Ariel, just make sure to take all of your non-water photos first since your dress won’t look the same after it’s been floating around in the ocean. Once you’re ready to take the plunge in your gown, try some poses like this woman here, the way she is lying makes the foam from the wave look like it is part of the dress. Instead of seeing two parts, the ocean and a bride, the two come together cohesively to create a stunning masterpiece worthy of your wedding album.

#3 - Kissing the Sun
Like capturing the crests of waves, photographers using the sun in their photographs isn’t something that’s new; it’s been done several times over. What sets a commonly captured photo apart from the rest is the way in which they capture the power of the sun. This picture was timed perfectly so that it looks like the woman is kissing the sun before it leaves for the night.

#2 - The Hairflip
The hair flip is a much sought after pose for many models and photographers alike. It is tricky to snap the picture at the perfect moment, but when a photographer captures it just right, you end up with a stunning picture like this. It captures the mermaid essence of the hair and creates a beautiful work of art.

#1 - Poseidon's Daughter
This photo was captured at just the right moment. It makes this woman look like she is the queen of the sea or at the very least Poseidon’s daughter. It appears as though she has power over the oceans and the wave themselves. Even if she isn’t the daughter of Poseidon, this puts her one step closer to becoming a mermaid.