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Soest has a multitude of historical buildings. The many medieval churches are build from a greenish sandstone unique to this area. Rows of delightful half-timbered houses and romantic lanes give the old town centre its unmistakable character.

One of the few remaining representative Baroque buildings is the Rathaus (Town Hall) with its arcade of nine arches on its west side. A statue of St Patroclus, the patron saint of the town, looks down from above this arcade. At the back of this Baroque building is the newer part of the Rathaus which formerly housed a grammar school. The complete building complex encloses a leafy courtyard in which open-air performances take place.

Directly next to the Rathaus rises the tower of the Patrokli-Minster (The Tower of Westphalia). This Romanesque building dates from after 965 AD when it was founded as a collegiate church.

Two thirds of the town walls and their dry moats have been preserved and a walk along them is particularly inviting in April and May when the trees are in full bloom.

Among the old specialties of Soest are the Möppkenbread and the Pumpernickel. The Bakery Haverland at the town center, has existed since 1570. A newer specialty is the "Bullenauge" (Bull's eye), a mocha liquor, sold mostly at the Allerheiligenkirmes. Another specialty of Soest is the Soester Beer, also called "Zwiebel-Bier", which literally translates as Onion beer, because it's brewed since 1993 in the Zwiebel (Onion) inn.

As a Hanseatic town, Soest played a crucial role in the structure of medieval Germany and it was the merchants of Soest who made a decisive contribution to the formation of the powerful Hanseatic League.

Soest is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is the capital of the Soest district. The district covers the northern part of the Sauerland hills.

The Sauerland is a rural, hilly area spreading across most of the south-eastern part of North Rhine-Westphalia, in parts heavily forested and, apart from the major valleys, sparsely inhabited.

September 5, 2011