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Travel Nature and Relaxation in Sri Lanka

Despite its wonderful ancient treasures, jungles full of elephants and gorgeous beaches known for their fantastic surfing conditions, Sri Lanka is still a destination-less-travelled. War and natural disasters have plagued this beautiful, green land, but now's your chance! Before everyone's done it! Come before the best places to stay in Sri Lanka get too well known and you can't get a bed in one for love nor money!

Sri Lanka is as varied as it is beautiful and exotic, and the best places to stay in Sri Lanka are just as varied.

Sri Lanka's Cultural Triangle has eight impressive World Heritage Sites packed into one small area. The triangle is at the island's heart, including:

the sacred city of Anuradhapura,
the royal ancient city of Polonnaruwa, capital during the medieval period,
the Sigiriya rock fortress, an ancient, ruined palace built on top of a huge rock,
the Dambulla cave temples,
and Kandy, home of the Temple of the Tooth, one of the most sacred places in the Buddhist world.