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Every first Wednesday of the month the greatest show on earth plays in Cologne, Germany, so come see the show this Wednesday, August 1st!

„English Comedy Night Cologne - this Wednesday!“ bei "ui!"

Stand-up Comedian Manuel Wolff host the wonderful ENGLISH COMEDY NIGHT starring 3 topp comedians from New Zealand and Britain plus 2 Newcomers from Germany and Russia!

If that isn’t world peace, I don’t know what is!

You can get tickets directly here: https://bit.ly/2lWahi0

All BOING Comedy Club shows you’ll find here: https://boingcomedy.de
Das war „English Comedy Night Cologne - this Wednesday!“

Und wenn ihr die Beschreibung komplett gelesen habt, schreibt „english comedy is the best!“ in die Beschreibung und vielleicht gibt es eine Überraschung!

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„English Comedy Night Cologne - this Wednesday!“ von Manuel Wolff