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A female suspect was taken in custody after a police pursuit through Detroit and Hamtramck Tuesday morning.

The pursuit ended at about 10:20 a.m. when the woman stopped in the area of Caniff and Dequindre.

Detroit police tell us they began to follow the blue Ford transit-type van after a 911 call came in about a possible kidnapping at Stockton and Gable streets on the city's east side. Commander Timothy Leach from the 11th precinct says the caller thought they heard a child screaming for help. When police got to the scene, they saw the van take off suspiciously and began to follow it.

The woman drove through apartment parking lots and residential areas, weaving through police cars before eventually stopping in Hamtramck. Once the vehicle stopped, she got out of the car and attempted to run.

She was tackled to the ground by multiple officers before being taken into custody.

No one was in the vehicle with the woman, but Leach says police kept up the chase just in case a kidnapping had occurred.

Leach says the woman has been taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation, but will be charged with fleeing police and being in possession of a felony vehicle. He says when they ran the plate, which is a handicap Florida license plate, that the vehicle was wanted in Hamtramck and Flint.