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Kukkiwon Taekwondo Demonstration (2012 Belgian Open) von Jowaile   8 years ago


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Kukkiwon Taekwondo Demonstration: Best demonstration team ever!
Personal Favorite: 05:00 (05:21) 06:24 !! (08:18 09:15 12:10 haha) Part II: 12:51 13:22 (17:30) 18:13 19:29 21:04 (22:12) 23:00 23:40 26:33 27:10 27:59 28:16 (!!) 30:23 and 31:14

About the Music: The last music is "Arirang", a traditional Korean song. Otherwise, I don't know what music they use. I believe it is specially composed for this demonstration.

Kukkiwon is the Taekwondo Headquarters located in Gangnam area of Seoul. This is where the styles of Taekwondo were unified and where they decide on reforms. It is where they decide what the patterns are (World Taekwondo Federation ones, not the International Taekwondo Federation's), how the correct techniques are, and where you have to go to take the highest dan exams (up to 9th dan... and perhaps election of the one in a generation 10th dan?). As a taekwondo practicer, Kukkiwon is the goal of your pilgrimage. In your everyday life, if you have a doubt about a poomsae, rely on an up to date Kukkiwon certified videos and technique books, as they come from the source.

Why do they yell? It is called "Kihap". In Martial arts, you traditionally scream to be more performant: it helps to focus your energy, rise your level of adrenaline, put your mind in fighting mode, intimidate the opponent, let out air in the effort (and avoid cramps), gain your abdominal muscles. It is also a good signal for coordination. In this case it tells a lot without using words: "I'm badass", "I'm bad" "Let's fight" "You'll pay for this" and "I'm gonna break that piece of wood". If they were to say that in Korean, few of us would understand.

Belgian Open, Ghent, 2012.03.31