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Phi Phi Island Pirate Ship Adventure | Koh Phi Phi, Thailand | Maya Bay von Living a Good Story   1 year ago


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Ahoy Matey. Let me tell you a tale of a family 'o' pirates. They used to be landlubbers from Utah but now they are regular sea hounds. While on Phi Phi Island they joined up as buccaneers to find booty in them thar seas. These six rapscallions decided to risk becoming shark bait as the snorkeled and kayaked in search for as many pieces of eight as they could find. Will they live to become rich seadogs as they float the ocean blue or will they end up in Davey Jones locker? Only one way to find out ye scurvy dogs. Watch this video like ye watch yonder horizon. Be careful though because dead men tell no tales!

Phi Phi Pirate Boat Website:

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