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Not Speeding, Dash Cam Proves Nashville Cop is Wrong von DashMan NashCam   1 year ago


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An official complaint was filed against the officer in this video. Albeit, not by me. I do have this to say about the stop:

The reason for the stop is very subjective. It is my opinion that I was stopped under false pretenses for the purpose of an easy ticket, check for warrants or DUI. It can be proven that the officer was wrong but it cannot be proven that he did not BELIEVE I was speeding.

That's the real problem here. A claim of a red light run when it wasn't even close or a claim of expired tags, swerving or broken light when neither is the case is a clear instance of an in-valid stop especially with video evidence. We can only assume the motivation here. This is why I did not file a complaint myself. I do suggest that everyone get a dash cam and have it recording at all times when driving. It can be your best and sometimes only defense from a false charge and the best evidence to show fault if you are in an accident.

One more thing, I do not share the negative view and hatred of police reflected in the comments (any calling for violence etc... are deleted). I believe there are good cops and bad cops and that people do make mistakes in addition to commit purposeful abuse of power. It IS important to root out the bad seeds and educate the ones who are mistaken.

I respect and stand up for LEOs but the fact that they deal with robbers and accident victims etc...doesn't mean we have to put up with having our fourth and fifth amendment rights violated under false pretenses because they are having a bad day and/or have something weighing on their minds. My freedom and their duties are not mutually exclusive. It IS possible to simultaneously support law enforcement AND reject incidents where they abuse their power.

I have friends in the Metro Police Department and I have had far more positive interactions than negative with them. Actually, I've had exactly two negative interactions and this one was one of them. This was a mild net negative as I simply did not appreciate my liberty being impeded unnecessarily.


Cop pulls over a man in a GT Mustang and accuses him of speeding. Once he learns there is a dash cam he changes his tune. Most likely just drumming up an excuse to pull the man over to see if he's drunk (3:30am). But either way, it's not right for cops to do this to innocent motorists. This is Nashville, Tn.

I have uploaded a longer version of the video for those who accused me of speeding BEFORE the video started. My dash cam records ALL THE TIME while driving or parked.

Here is the video that shows my travel all the way from getting onto Briley Parkway through the original video.

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