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Sri Lanka was one of the best countries we have cycled. The roads are great and the traffic was not too bad either. Following the coast as much as possible, was a delight and swimming in the warm turquoise water was excellent.
Some comments have been made here thinking we were unhappy about Sri Lanka, well there were only a few niggly things but overall we recommend time in the hot sunny country. Not as inexpensive as India but nowhere nearly as expensive as the west.
We only went to Sri Lanka because our twelve month Indian visa stipulated we leave after 180 days and not return within 60 days for whatever reason. So we had to fly from Chennai to Colombo because the new ferry was impounded in Colombo due to non payment of suppliers, so here we were, Bikes in hand and off we go.

The Sr Lankan Government's Immigration department made us wait all day for an extension to our visa and made us get a two months extension when we only wanted one but then the Government said the department must make as much money as possible from the visitors.
The problem today is videos have to be so short because viewers have so many options so with a long video showing every detail, is not an option.
With this in mind and along with the heat and exhaustion we did not film very much of our trip around Sri Lanka but what we did film has been shortened to hopefully makes it fun and interesting.