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Most unbelievable Extinct Animals You Won't Believe Actually Existed finally revealed!
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25 terrifying creatures you're glad are extinct

Extinction has been a fact of life since long before the dinosaurs took their first steps across the planet. A species can die out for a variety of reasons, from human encroachment to changes in climate. It stinks, but it's a necessary part evolution. There are plenty of creatures humanity would not have survived I'd be still be around. From giant scorpions to a snake the size of a bus, here are 25 terrifying animals you're glad are extinct.

25) Purussaurus
The largest living croc on record measured 23 feet. That’s twice as long as some cars, so when we tell you that it was tiny in comparison to the prehistoric purussaurus, you can appreciate what that means. This animal grew to 42 feet long and snacked on other crocs, dinosaurs, and possibly the very first human ancestors. That’s a little too Lake Placid for me.

24. Pulmonoscorpius
Scorpions: they’re creepy, they’re crawly, and they can be fatally dangerous to humans depending on the species. Pulmonoscorpius was a terrifyingly giant scorpion from the oxygen rich Visean period. At three feet long, this bad boy ate anything it wanted, including smaller scorpions and could’ve boasted quite a powerful sting. We can definitely be glad this bug got squashed long ago.

23. Megoladon
Jaws ain’t got nothing on this oceanic giant. Megoladon was the largest predator to have ever lived and measure sixty feet or more with a maximum estimated weight of sixty tons. It used seven inch teeth to snack on whales and even other sharks. It’s believed by some people that this ancient animal is still alive somewhere at the bottom of the ocean, but we certainly hope not.

22. Dunkleosteus
At twenty to thirty feet long and weighing up to four tons, dunkleosteus was nothing like your childhood goldfish. This hyper carnivorous fish stalked our planet’s ocean millions of years before the first dinosaurs, eating whatever it could fit inside its massive jaws. Instead of teeth, this monster had a scissor sharp set of plates with a bite force of around 8,000 pounds per square inch. That’s the same as tyrannosaurus rex.

21. Ratzilla
Three million years ago everything was big. Birds were big. Bugs were big. Even sloths were big. But did you know that the rats were big too? With a nearly two foot long skull and a body the size of a bison, this rodent was huge. It had a bite force of 950 pounds per square inch and teeth that could take three times that stress, suggesting that these animals used those chompers for more than just chewing. Like knawing off your leg, for example.

20. Megalania
Imagine you find yourself face to face with a 200lb, 8 foot long komodo dragon, its jaws open and dripping its deadly poison ready to bite you. Now imagine its twenty feet long and over a thousand pounds and it becomes easy to see why humanity can be glad that Megalania has since gone extinct. Even its name means, “ancient, giant butcher,” and this ancient Australian animal was certainly that.

19) Terror Bird
Ornithophobia, or the irrational fear of birds, is a very real phobia, but I think we can all agree that North America’s terror birds were truly frightening. At up to ten feet tall and over half a ton, this flightless bird was a force to be reckoned with. With its razor sharp beak and legs strong enough to shatter bone, we might not exist if this horse eating ostrich was still around.

18) Titanaboa
Thank heavens there are about 58 million years separating us and the largest known snake to have ever slithered its way across the planet. Native to what is now South America, titanaboa grew to over forty feet long and weighed in at just over a ton. Like its modern day relatives, it killed through constriction and was so big it ate crocodiles and could’ve easily swallowed a human being without batting an eye.

17) Megapiranha
It sounds like a cheesy horror movie, but megapiranha was a four foot, flesh eating fish that lived in what is now South America. Now, four feet might not sound very big, but pound for pound, this fish had one of the strongest bite forces around at the time and could’ve easily torn the flesh off much larger animals. A modern piranha can chomp off a toe. What happens when megapiranha takes a bite.

16) Jaekelopteras
At eight feet long, jaekelopteras has earned the title of the largest anthropod ever to be discovered. This aquatic animals used it’s foot and a half long claws to launch out of hiding and tear its prey limb from limb. Human beings would hardly have stood a chance against such a formidable predator.

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