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The best 55 Inch 4k TV under $500 for 2016 and 2017 has been a question asked by countless of people. 4K TV's don't have to break the bank, especially if you want a larger 55 inch screen. What's the best bang for your buck, if you're on a tight budget for a 4K TV, but you still want a 55" screen, and don't want to spend over $500? Well - I took the time to research this and have come up with a few options to help with your purchase decision for the best 55 inch 4K TV under $500! This battle is between the only choices I could find within the United States for a 4K TV that is 55" and is under $500.

The TV's I go through in this video are:
1. Westinghouse WD55UB4530 - $379.99 at BestBuy
Pros: +Wifi Built in, +Cheapest 4k TV, +Smart TV features
Cons: -Blurry on fast motion, -freezing issues reported, - no power switch on TV
Purchase the Westinghouse here:

2. Avera 55EQX10 - $410.99 at Amazon
Pros: +4 HDMI Ports, +Local Dimming, +AUX port
Cons: -No Wifi, -Terrible speakers, -No Smart TV features
Purchase the Avera here:

3. Sceptre U558CV-UMR - $419.98 at Amazon
Pros: +Up to 120Hz, +Good value for monitor, +4x4K HDMI Ports
Cons: -No Wifi, -Older (2015) Model, -No Smart TV features
Purchase the Sceptre here:

4. Toshiba 55L621U - $429.99 at BestBuy
Pros: +Good contrast, +Wifi built in, +Chromecast built in
Cons: -Terrible Speakers, -Blurry picture issues, -Freezing issues
Purchase the Toshiba here:

5. Insignia NS-55DR710NA17 - $479.99 at BestBuy
Pros: +Roku Smart TV, +Wifi built in, +Good 4K Upscaling
Cons: -Poor blacks & contrast, -Remote issues, -Internet connection issues
Purchase the Insignia here:

6. TCL US5800 - $499.99 at Amazon
Pros: +Roku Smart TV, +Clear 4K output, +Good black uniformity
Cons: -Laptop connection is blurry, -No Sleep function, -High Input Lag (bad for gamers)
Purchase the TCL here:

7. Vizio E55-E1 (BONUS TV) - $498 at Walmart
Pros: +Chromecast built in, +Full Array LED, +Local Dimming
Cons: -Fast motion is blurry, -Bad viewing angles, -Terrible speakers
Purchase the Vizio here: or

What is HDR? Watch my video on that here:
What is a Chromecast? Watch my video on that here:

Note, prices in this video are current as of March 2017 when this video was filmed and produced.

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