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Boxing Workout - Fitness Training at Home (No Equipment) von Sneak Punch   5 years ago


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Finally – The Boxing Punch Bag Workout You Have Been Waiting For!
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[UPDATE] - We are pleased to announce Fight Yourself Fit is now available to stream/download on the iPhone via the Teachable App (on Apple App Store).

This means for iPhone users the workouts will be available offline - so you can watch it at the gym / garage etc - without an internet connection.


Genuine Boxing Skills Training
Real In-Fight Combinations
Increase Speed, Power & Balance

Learn to Box and Train like a Boxer!

We'll let you know when these boxing workouts are ready. You will be the first in-line when we launch in January 2015.

'Fight Yourself Fit' - A Boxing Workout created and Brought to you by Cornelius Carr – former Professional Boxer, BBBofC British Super-Middleweight & WBF World Middleweight Champion.

Happy Training!

Cornelius Carr
former BBBofC British Super-Middleweight & WBF World Middleweight Champion
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Professional Boxing Record -

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Hope you enjoy this quick 4 round workout, this is ideal if you can't make it down the gym or you are pushed for time to fit in a decent session. This has been designed specifically so everyone can join in even if you have no equipment at home, but if you do, be sure to put on your wraps and gloves and do all the punching parts on a bag.

This should give you a hard workout no matter your fitness level, the harder you try the harder it is. This routine will get your heart rate right up and if you do this 2 to 3 times a week your fitness will improve FAST.

Be sure to read the warnings below before giving this workout a go.

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone.

Please consult your doctor before beginning this program, especially if;

- You have any pre-existing conditions.
- You are taking medication of any kind.
- You are suffering from injury or illness, or are feeling unwell.
- You are pregnant.
- You have not exercised in a long time.

The creators, producers, and distributors of the program do not accept
responsibility for any injury or accident incurred as a result of following this

By downloading / following this video you assume responsibility for your
own safety, understanding and accepting all risks involved with training.

Always warm up!  Stop at any time if you have to, never exercise beyond
your current fitness ability. Take a drink if you need one.

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