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Heart to Heart with Kris Aquino: Entry #12 Vintage Chanel Bags part 1 of 2 von Kris Aquino   2 years ago


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I am excited to share with all of you my new passion- vintage Chanel bags.❤

It started because I began subscribing to several YouTube channels: some of them being TokiYuYu (right before our Tokyo trip), Carly Cristman, Sugar Mamma, and Opulent Habits... Yun na, na obsess with their content and I became a binge, and to Bimb's shock REPEAT viewer. Opulent Habits is a US Luxury Consigner and they had simple, easy to understand videos, mostly focusing on Chanel bags. 

At the same time I read the latest book of Ines de la Fressange, PARISIAN CHIC LOOK BOOK and the love for French culture and sophistication emerged with such a vengeance because of my Mom's DNA- she had a double major in college, Math and French; plus there was all the news about the uplifting victory of their new President, Emmanuel Macron and I was CAPTIVATED. 

Happy viewing! 👓

This is part 1 of the video. Click the link for part 2 https://youtu.be/V_-4lNEPb50

~ Kris


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