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Top 10 Tallest Under Construction Buildings in the World von TOP 10 TV   4 months ago


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Here are the Top 10 Tallest Under Construction Buildings in the World- This list of future tallest buildings ranks the tallest buildings in the world which are planned or currently under construction.

1. Jeddah Tower Jeddah (SA) Height: 1000(m) Completion: 2021
2. Merdeka PNB118 Kuala Lumpur (MY) Height: 644(m) Completion: 2021
3. Goldin Finance 117 Tianjin (CN) Height: 596.6(m) Completion: 2020
4. Tianjin CTF Finance Centre Tianjin (CN) Height: 530(m) Completion: 2019
5. Evergrande International Financial Center T1 Hefei (CN) Height: 518(m) Completion: 2021
6. Greenland Centre Xi’an (CN) Height: 501(m) Completion: 2019
7. Wuhan Greenland Center Wuhan (CN) Height: 475.6(m) Completion:2021
8. Central Park Tower New York City (US) Height: 472.4(m) Completion: 2020
9. Chengdu Greenland Tower Chengdu (CN) Height: 468(m) Completion: 2021
10. Corporate Avenue 1 Chongqing (CN) Height: 468(m) Completion: 2022

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