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Drunk hillbilly goes crazy on bikers for nothing (1080p) von GixxerGuy   6 years ago


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Group of bikers pull in for gas and hill billy comes flying into the gas station in red truck and hops out talking shit while one biker tries to calm him down. He walks over to other biker and asks "did you do it", biker replies "off course not" and proceeds to attempt to get gas and is then sucker punched, before he turns around and realizes he was hit, the original biker put hill billy on his ass. He crawls on the ground as the rest surround him and hides behind his wife till he can get back up and starts talking more shit. Eventually his wife informs us he has been drinking and he is known to do this. State trooper rolls by and bikers flag him down. Trooper informs bikers that he has had problems with same guy in past and that he was surprised bikers did not MAUL the hill billy. If he was TRULY concerned about his kids he would not have been driving drunk and speeding passing cars to catch up to bikers.