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D&D Adventure- Ideas to Get This Party Plane Hopping von Nerdarchy   7 months ago


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D&D Adventure- Ideas to Get This Party Plane Hopping
Nerdarchy shoots off some ides to get you D&D party off on to a planar adventure. We have been asked by more than one Dungeon Master how to get you players into an adventure on another plane. How about with a trip to the zoo?

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Translated titles:
D&D ideas de aventuras para hacer saltar a esta fiesta

D&D Abenteuer- Ideen, um dieses Party-Flugzeug zu hüpfen

D&D aventure - des idées pour faire sauter cet avion

D&D idéias de aventura para fazer esse avião saltar

D&D äventyrs-idéer för att få detta partyplan hoppande