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Trackers Are Some Of The Most Hated (And Powerful) People In Politics (HBO) von VICE News   2 years ago


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Sometimes a politician says something so racist, sexist, or otherwise terrible that it could (or should) ruin their career.

But somebody’s got to be there to get it on tape – and that’s a pretty tough gig.

Zach Wurtz has been working as a political “tracker” in Washington State for almost a decade. Most of his work involves driving for hours to tape local politicians giving speeches. Sometimes these are massive ballroom events with rich Republican donors, other times they’re tiny gatherings in community centers.

If his “target” shows up to give a speech in public, Zach shows up too, camera in hand – ready to capture every word and send it back to his (usually Democratic) client.

He’s a bit like a spy, except he’s so famous in Washington political circles that everybody knows who he is — and tries to kick him out of their events.

VICE News rode along with Zach to find out what life as one of the most-hated people in politics is really like.

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