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Mangrove Tree Crab vs Leopard Wandering Spider | MONSTER BUG WARS von Monster Bug Wars - Official Channel   4 years ago


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Claws vs. Venom

Featuring Mangrove Tree Crab and a Leopard Spider. Feet will shape their destiny.


An intrepid adventurer, active curious animals that are moving over long distances quite far away from water.

They're not called three crabs for nothing heavy armor plating vice-like
pincers and agile legs make this crab a super survivor. The crab is incredibly fast on her feet. They can actually move at 3 feet a second and not only do they move forward but they can move sideways, and they're really hard to track for predators.


Does all its hunting at night down on the ground and in the lowest levels of the vegetation even those dark velvety legs and stripe. Most victims don't spot until it's too late. A leg span of almost 4 inches married to explosive speed is a fatal combination.

Powerful crescent-shaped fangs deliver venom and measured doses the larger the quarry the bigger the payload with her prey impaled. The leopard spider floods the body with a potent brew of digestive juices.

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