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(Ride Along) LACo.FD Truck 170 von FB1 Response Videos   10 months ago


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Los Angeles County Fire Department Truck 170 (reserve truck) responding from a rescue in 18’s area, to a rescue in 14s area, along with Squad 171 and McCormick 904 transporting their patient to Centinela Hospital.

Units due to 18s: Light Force 170, Squad 171 & McCormick Amb. 904

Units due to 14s: Light Force 170, Engine 14 (canceled), Squad 173 & McCormick Amb. 1004 (E14 was canceled due to coming available after LF170 pressed on scene).

Additional info: Engine 170 returned to quarters to meet with Repair 27.

Truck 170 was running in a reserve 1993 Simon-LTI (Truck 5181, ex-Truck 20 & Truck 82).

Thank you, again, to Fire Station 170-A for yet another ride along and the hospitality!

Location: Lennox-Inglewood-South LA, CA
Date: Sunday, January 27th, 2018